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Folalu A.A. & Aneke F.O.
Impact of Motivation on Employee Performance in Selected Hotels in Ilaro, Nigeria

The study assesses motivation and reward of employee performance in the hotel industry in some selected hotels in Ilaro, Ogun State Nigeria. A descrip....

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Adesanmi, Moses Ademola & Idakwo, Ocholi Victor
A Lexico-Semantic Description of the Language of Contractual Agreement

Contractual agreements are common forms of legal documents that should be taken seriously in daily human dealings. Several unsuspecting people enter ....

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Iro-Idoro, Charlotte Bose, Jimoh, Tajudeen Adisa & Jolaade, Isaac Akindele
Empowering Youths for Self-Reliance Through Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The study examined the role of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in empowering youths for self-reliance. The study was carried out in th....

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Evelyn Ufuoma, Adebisi & Peter Adeyemi, Sosanya
Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Soap Produced from Momordica Charantia Seed Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

Soap from Momordica charantia seed oil and palm kernel oil were produced and assayed to justify the utilization of M. charantia oil for soap productio....

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Seyi-Gbangbayau, Paul & Ajayi, Olayemi
Tie and Dye Craft as a Means of Combating Unemployment among Female Youths: A Study of Abeokuta Artisans

In a country where the rate of unemployment is fast rising, giving room for jobless men who are liable to become hoodlums, drug addict, among others, ....

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Afuye, Oluseeke Folake
Job Stressors and Emotional Exhaustion of Food and Beverage Employees of Selected Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria

This study examines job stressors and emotional exhaustion, amongst hotel food and beverage employees in five selected hotels in Lagos, Nigeria. For d....

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Esohe Ajao, Elizabeth Tolulope Sodipo and Olufunke Ajibare
Curtailing Sexual Harassment in The Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Sexual harassment is not peculiar to Nigerians alone. It appears to have established itself as a norm in the society today, considering its high incid....

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Ololade O. Adegbesan Olufunke A. Ayegbusi Lawrence A. Omisande
Next Level Agenda: Engineers and Challenges of Infrastructural Development

The Next Level Agenda of this present government is a re-awakening call to all professionals’ especially engineers in partnering with the government....

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Olaleye I. Tinuoye. & Abayomi S. Solanke
Cultural Tourism and Community Develpoment: The Case of Egúngún Festival Ogbomoso, Nigeria

This paper examines how Nigeria’s cultural resources can be harnessed for community development using the Egungun festival in Ogbomoso Oyo State, Ni....

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Oloruntoba S.A & Akinode J.L
Students’ Class Attendance Monitoring System Using Fingerprint

Students’ class attendance monitoring has always been known as a typical problem that is time-consuming, energy-sapping and waste of time. Therefore....

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Sunday Samuel Omopariola
Analysis of the significance of Properties of Different Brands of Cement on the Compressive Strength of Optimized Concrete Mix

The influence of the constituent materials of concrete on its overall properties and performance cannot be over emphasised. This study analysed effect....

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Jumoke Soyemi & Olugbenga Babajide Soyemi
Evaluation of Information Technology Proficiency of Pupils at the Basic Level of Nigeria’s Educational System

This study carried out a quantitative survey of the level of IT competence in about five notable public primary schools in Ilaro town, headquarter of ....

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Adijat Bukola Aiyelabegan, Akeem Olanrewaju Adeoye and Sikiru Suleiman

This study looked at the effect of money supply on the growth of Nigeria economy and the problem facing the implementation of the monetary policies in....

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Omotayo Alokun-Adesanya and Kehinde Adebisi
Proximate Composition, Amino Acid Profile and Vitamin C Contents of Different Date Jam Blends

The proximate composition, amino acid and vitamin C determination of jam produced from date fruits enriched with apple and orange fruits at different ....

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Adegbite-Badmus Tawakalit A
Competitive Intelligence and Users’ Patronage Promotion in Polytechnic Libraries: A Review

This paper reviewed competitive intelligence and users’ patronage in Polytechnic libraries. Libraries in polytechnics are affected by invasive and u....

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Abosede Olubunmi Banjo & Lydia Y. Oludele
Technical and Vocational Education and Training as a Tool for Creating a Production-Oriented Economy in Nigeria

The views of 45 lecturers and 155 students randomly selected from the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta were sought ....

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Olabisi Olaniran-Akinyele & Mulikat Yusuff
Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Towards Economic Growth in Nigeria

This paper investigated the contributions of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) towards economic growth in Nigeria by co....

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Degboro O.D
A Discourse Analysis of Language Use in The Speeches of Selected Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs

Several women in Nigeria have contributed their quota to the national growth, socio-economic advancement and even global technological development. In....

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Kamal Adekunle Adewunmi
Performance of Deposit Money Banks and Financial Deepening in Nigeria

This paper examined performance of Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) and financial deepening (1989 to 2018). New attention given to drive financial deepenin....

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Atinuke O. Ayo-Balogun & Abayomi O. Ogunsanwo
Promotion of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: A Pathway to Nigeria Economy Growth

Small scale business remains the most popular business sector in virtually all the economies all over the world. Numerous studies have asserted that S....

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Charlotte Iro-Idoro & Ibrahim Jimoh
Sexual Harassment and Operational Effectiveness of Women in Technical Education in Ogun State, Nigeria

Achieving a considerable level of operational effectiveness is essential to the management of institutions. Among the womenfolk, sexual harassment at ....

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Olufemi A. Olaleye, Adegorioye O. Adeyeye & Doris C. Osuagwu
Fela Anikulapo Afrobeats Music as A Driving Force for Social Transformation

This paper unravels the social transformation elements as embedded in Fela Anikulapo’s Afro beats pop music compositions. A composer is a creative i....

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Isaac Jolaade & James Orija
Knowledge Management Environment as a Tool for Enhancing Employees’ Job Performance in Small and Medium Enterprises in Ogun State

Knowledge Management Environment (KME) is the term used in motivating and enabling knowledgeable individuals to use, share and create new knowledge. ....

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Olufemi A. OLALEYE & Adegorioye O. ADEYEYE
Yoruba Indigeneous Music as a Medium of Communication in Yoruba Traditional Religious Sacrifices

Human beings are spiritual creatures with instincts and consciousness that are usually communicated through the medium of music in worship, prayer and....

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Oyindamola Ayobami Salami & Oluseyi Augustina Akah
A Case for Incorporation of Public Relation Techniques In The Curriculum for Training Secretaries

This study examined application of Public Relations as tools for enhancing secretarial practice in Ogun State. Public relation is a strategic communi....

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Sodiya, Olurotimi Oluyemi
Assessing the Conurbation Effects of Lagos Megacity on the Parking Facilities, Sango Ota Tollgate, Ogun State

Lagos megacity is extending across Ogun State boundaries. The Lagos-Abeokuta expressway is a significant link between Lagos State and Ogun State, and ....

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Emmanuel A. Ademola & Foluke R. Oduwole
Ethical Accounting Practices and Organizational Productivity in The Banking Sector

The study investigated the impact of ethical accounting practices and organizational productivity in the banking sector. A descriptive survey research....

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Abisola M. Sanusi & Ebunoluwa .O. Dada
Women Entrepreneurs in Tourism: A Study of Abeokuta, Ogun State

The aim of this study is to survey the female entrepreneurs in tourism, analyze the role of women in tourism business in the economy and to recognize ....

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Abisoye Fafioye & Olakunle Omotayo
Protective Role of Methanolic Extract of Gomphrena Celosioides Leaves on Acidified Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer in Male Wistar Rats

This study investigated the effect of the methanol extract of Gomphrena celosioides leaves on acidified ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in male Wistar r....

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John Alawode & James Adegboye
Usability Analysis for An Android Based Application

The Android-based application tagged as “FPI-STUDENTS APP” was developed to support students of The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro to calculate their G....

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Hammed Mudasiru & Abdul Ayoola
Content Analysis of Selected Government Websites in Nigeria

The content analysis of websites of 10 selected Ministries of the Federal Government of Nigeria namely: Justice; Education; Information & Culture; Fin....

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Chioma Vivian Abiaziem & Evelyn Ufoma Adebisi
Physicochemical Properties and Characterisation Of Wax Extracted From Cassava Byproducts – Peels And Bagasses

axes were extracted from byproducts of cassava processing (peels and bagasses), characterised and analyzed for their physicochemical properties to det....

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Agwo, E.O. & Adewunm,i H.O.
Effect of Alcohol Consumption on the Nutritional Status of Male Diploma Students in The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

Two hundred (200) male of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro students randomly selected from the Schools of Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Manage....

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Blessing Ebere Eze & Adamu Dahiru
Survey of Factors Affecting Engagement of Female Students in Science and Technology-Related Courses – A Case Study of The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

One hundred randomly selected Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro female students currently enrolled in the National Diploma courses were used in a descriptive....

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Iro-Idoro, Charlotte Bose & Jimoh, Tajudeen Adisa
Gender Mainstreaming in Stem and Admission Policy of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines and professions to national development makes majority of countries wor....

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Oluwaseun Dokunmu & Morayo Ayoola
Role of Social Media Platforms in Economic Empowerment of Women in Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria

This study spotlights the roles of Social Media Platforms in the economic development of women in Ogun State using the women in Ilaro; Yewa South Loca....

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Jumoke Soyemi & Olugbenga Babajide Soyemi
Similarity Index Application to Students’ Projects for Quality Control

Plagiarism is a global challenge presently facing most academic institutions. The wealth of resources on the internet through Information Technology p....

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Ilelaboye N. O. & Jesusina T. I.
Proximate Composition, Functional Properties and Sensory Evaluation of Cracker Biscuit from Okara Fortified Plantain-Sorghum Flour Blend

Biscuits produced from 10 different composite flour blends of plantain-sorghum fortified with or without okara and the composite flours were analysed ....

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Ebenezer Bamidele
Effect of Institutional Status on Level of Compliance with Public Procurement Regulations in Public Tertiary Institutions in Southwest Nigeria

Forty-four public tertiary institutions (PTEIs) in Southwest, Nigeria was used to investigate the level of compliance with the Public Procurement Act,....

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Abosede Ifeoluwa Adelusi
Effect of Merger and Acquisition on Growth and Profitability of Money Deposit Bank – A Case Study of Access Bank Plc, Nigeria

The study used bank’s profitability indices – profit after tax (PAT), shareholders’ fund (SHF) and total assets (TOA) data of a period spanning ....

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