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Entrepreneurship Education: A catalyst for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) sustainability in Nigeria

Akinpelu Ayobami KOLADE, Comfort Olaitan BAMIDELE, Titilayo Helen ADEOSUN, Oluwakemi Temilade ISHOLA, Volume 4 Issue 2, December 2023 Pages 45-54, Published: 2023-12-14


It is impossible to overstate the importance of entrepreneurship education in maintaining technical and vocational training in Nigeria. It is a dynamic force that is necessary to support the growth of the economy in any country, but particularly in Nigeria. The study looked at how technical and vocational education training (TVET) in Nigeria is sustained through entrepreneurship education. In order to achieve the intended objective, a descriptive study was designed, and the data collection strategy was carried out by distributing a questionnaire to the 544 participants who met the study's eligibility requirements. To examine the respondents' answers, descriptive and inferential statistics from the Friedman Chi-Square test were used. Out of the 534 copies of the questionnaire, only 534 were returned for analysis. The outcome demonstrated that entrepreneurship education is crucial to Nigeria's continued provision of technical and vocational education. The p-value of the Friedman Chi-square test performed for the test items of 0.0000 was less than the crucial value of 5%, which served as the foundation for this. The authors came to the conclusion that technical and vocational educational training (TVET) in Nigeria was, in fact, significantly sustained by entrepreneurial education, and they argued that this should be included in the core curriculum of TVET institutions in Nigeria.