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Proximate, Functional and Sensory Analysis of Powdered Meal Fortified with Soybean and Finger Millet at Different Substitutional Levels

Makanjuola John Olanrewaju & Makanjuola Olakunle Mosses, Volume 3 Issue 2, December 2022 Pages 10-19, Published: 2022-12-09


The proximate, functional, and sensory properties of corn meal supplemented with finger millet and soya bean at different substitutional levels were investigated using standard analytical methods. Cornmeal flour obtained from fermented maize was supplemented with finger millet and soya bean flours in the ratio 100:0, 90:5:5, 80:10:10,70:15:15 and 60:20:20 coded as samples EAE, BAB, CAR AEA and DAB for easy identification respectively. Results showed that the protein contents of the corn meal increased significantly (P<0.05) with increased supplementation from 4.51% in sample EAE to 16.41% in sample DAB and a corresponding increase in ash and fat contents. The functional properties of the flour blends revealed significant improvements (P<0.05) with an increase in the levels of supplementation as the oil absorption capacity, water absorption capacity and bulk density increased significantly, with no increase in swelling capacity. Sensory qualities attributes showed samples DAB and EAE have the highest preference in terms of colours, aroma and overall acceptability. Therefore, supplementation of cornmeal with finger millet and soya bean (legumes) can be a way of improving the nutritional, functional and sensory characteristics of the products.