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Analysis of the Effect of Computer Based Examination Introduced by Jamb

Peter Buoye & Oluwafunke Bada, Volume 2 Issue 2, December 2021 Pages 63-72, Published: 2021-12-21


Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) introduced partial Computer Based Examination (CBE) to conduct its exams in 2013 and 2014, in 2015, there was a complete transition from Paper Based Examination (PBE) to Computer Based Examination. The reason for the introduction of Computer Based Examination was to eliminate examination malpractices among others. This paper statistically studied the performances of students before CBE was introduced and during the use of CBE. This paper put forward three research questions which are: compare the academic performance before and during the introduction of CBE, investigate whether examination malpractice has been eliminated and investigate the influence of examination malpractices on the performance of the pr-CBE era. Using JASP statistical tools, the Mann-Whitney U test gives the p-value to be equal to 0.007) which is more than 0.05 significant test that shows that candidates performed better during the pre-CBE era than during the CBE-era. Pearson’s r correlations (r = 0.566, p = 0.069) shows that there is no correlation between the performance of students in the pre-CBE era and the examination malpractices observed during the pre-CBE era