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Analysis and Comparison of Mobile Phones Radiofrequency Radiation for Potential Hazard at Different Battery Levels

Babatunde. O. Jayeoba & Babatunde. A. Olaifa, Volume 2 Issue 1, July 2021 Pages 79-85, Published: 2021-07-24


Mobile or cellular phones are now an integral part of modern telecommunications which has become an addiction to the present generation. These mobile phones emit radiation as it is being carried about by the user which is a function battery level. There are have been scientific debates on the adverse effect of radiofrequency radiation increase on human health. Most towns within the developing countries have inadequate power supply thereby causing their mobile phones to run on low battery levels. This study investigates, compares and analyse radiofrequency radiation emitted by the commonly used mobile phones (iPhone, Samsung and Tecno) at different battery levels (< 5%, < 15 %, 25 %, 35 %, 45 %, 55 %, 65 %, > 75%). The radiofrequency (RF) radiation components (electric field (V/m) and magnetic field (A/m)) emitted by these mobile phones were measured at close range using Extech radiofrequency meter, and the overall power flux density (μW\m²) of the radiation were calculated using the Poynting theorem. It was found that the radiofrequency radiation is a function of battery level, the radiation increases with a decrease in battery level with critical radiation below 15% battery level. iPhone was found to emit the highest radiation as battery level drops, follow by the Samsung Phone and the least power flux density of the radiation recorded in the Tecno phone. The relatively safe battery level was found beyond 25 % (that is. above one-quarter of a fully charged system). Base on this study results, it is recommended that maximum body contact should be avoided especially at battery level below 15%, cell phone headsets should be encouraged and usage of mobile phones should be discontinued at a very low battery level of less than 5% to prevent any adverse effect such as heating effect, Alzheimer, migraine, infertility, eye defect, insomnia and cancer