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Knowledge Management Environment as a Tool for Enhancing Employees’ Job Performance in Small and Medium Enterprises in Ogun State

Isaac Jolaade & James Orija, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 137-143, Published: 2020-07-28


Knowledge Management Environment (KME) is the term used in motivating and enabling knowledgeable individuals to use, share and create new knowledge. This study investigated how Knowledge Management Environment (KME) could serve as a tool for enhancing employees’ job performance in small and medium enterprises in Ogun State. This study was carried out among some selected SMEs in the three Senatorial Districts of Ogun State, Nigeria (30 from each district). In carrying out the study, two research questions were raised from where the instrument used to gather information from the respondents was developed. A total number of ninety (90) respondents were selected using purposive sampling technique from the three Senatorial Districts in Ogun State (Ogun East, Ogun Central and Ogun West). Also, ninety copies of the questionnaire were produced and administered on the respondents. However, eighty-two (82) copies of the questionnaire were retrieved. The data gathered were analysed using the mean method. The study concluded that the existence of Knowledge Management Environment in any place of work leads to higher productivity. This in no small measure has been contributing to the economic development of Ogun State. It was recommended that experienced employees should share knowledge with the new entrants to enable them to gain from their expertise to enhance job performance in small and medium enterprises in Ogun State, Nigeria