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Mass Media and People’s Opinion: A Review of Endsars Protest in Nigeria

Olufunmilayo Adedayo Thomas-Kuye & Adegboyega Olaniyi Adeyemi, Volume 2 Issue 2, December 2021 Pages 38-43, Published: 2021-12-21


The study is based on the EndSARs protest as a case study to investigate the influence of mass media on shaping people's opinions. The survey research design was used in the study, and 120 participants were chosen at random from the Ojoo area of Akinyele Local Government. As indicated by the findings of this study, the majority of respondents are youth, and more than 40% of them took part in the EndSARs protest. Many of them believe that the media played a crucial role in disseminating information about the EndSARs protest and in shaping the opinion of the public. The hypothesis testing revealed that mass media has a positive and significant effect on people's opinions. Premised on the findings of this study, it is recommended that citizens use the mass media appropriately for essential information and that the government encourage freedom of speech among citizens