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Design and Implementation of IoT-Based System for Monitoring Patient Heartbeat

Akeem T. Otapo, Lateef A. Saliu, Babajide A. Ojo, Kazeem A. Sodiq, Nwinmene L. Migah, AbdulGaniyu, A. Jumah, Isaac O. Onadokun, Volume 3 Issue 1, July 2022 Pages 56-65, Published: 2022-07-21


The Internet of Things (IoT) makes the new revolution of the internet, and it is involving all fields of endeavours in which the health care sector is inclusive. IoT makes health care more affordable, secure and patient-centered. The existing technologies and approaches for monitoring patient heartbeat are being used by healthcare practitioners, however, these methodologies are not cost-effective and portable. This work, therefore, presents a portable physiological checking framework that uses ESP88266 WiFimodule to process the heartbeat and displays the patient’s heartbeat through an endless checking and control instrument on the Nextion Touch screen. The patient condition and information are stored in a server that achieves remote correspondence using the WiFi Module. Data stored can only be accessed by authorized personnel and as such the diseases are diagnosed by the doctors from a distance. The electrodes are placed on the chest of the patient and the device is powered up, one can then log into the configured Thingspeak to view the graph in real-time, the touch screen also displays the electrocardiogram (ECG) reading a number of heartbeats per minute, which would be compared with the convection. The result is compared with standards to determine the health conditions of the patient. It is established that patient data can be monitored and any changes can be detected and responded to by the doctors