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An Enhanced Data and Information Retrieval System in Distributed Environment Using Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm Augmented with Firefly Algorithm

Alawode, J.A. & Hammed, M, Volume 4 Issue 1, July 2023 Pages 56-62, Published: 2023-06-16


In the advent of rapid increase in the worldwide data and information with its usage, effective and faster retrieval of information are becoming important for business organizations and innovations. The literature revealed that information retrieval is a challenging task which has attracted various information retrieval models, algorithms, and techniques from researchers. But only an effective and faster system can handle a large-scale database in a distributed environment where concurrent requests can be made by the user or groups of users irrespective of whether data are sorted or not. This study used divide-and-conquer augmented with firefly algorithm for effectiveness and better performance of retrieval system and the result shows that the system used in this study proved to be scalable for any form of retrieval system