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Determinants of Tourist Visitation of Tourist Sites in Lagos, Nigeria

Solanke A. S & Dawodu A., Volume 4 Issue 2, December 2023 Pages 37-44, Published: 2023-12-13


This study determines the determinants of tourists' patronage in Lagos, Nigeria, for productivity and development. The patronage of tourist destinations varies according to a destination's uniqueness. Therefore, it is imperative to address tourists' expectations and satisfaction. The multi-stage technique was adopted to select the sample from the study area, which was categorized into six destinations. Five of the destinations were selected based on their high level of patronage, while 10% of the tourist population was drawn to arrive at a sampling size of 165 using a descriptive survey. Tables and frequencies were used for data presentation. Up to 52.7% of the respondents visit tourist destinations for relaxation. Sightseeing, photo-taking, and game-playing were also primary reasons for tourists visiting these destinations. 45.5% of the respondents viewed service as excellent, indicating that quality services are still experienced in various destinations across Lagos (Adeleke, 2019). Also, the safety and cleanliness of the destination are the most important factors, while the quality of service and hourly operation are other critical factors tourists consider in Lagos. The study recommends that owners and managers of tourism destinations in the study area should prioritize physical ambiance and tourist security if tourist visitation is to be assured.