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Simulation Modelling for Wild Fire Spread Prediction for Emergency Response Planning

Olumuyiwa Agbolade & Lekan Akinode, Volume 4 Issue 1, July 2023 Pages 96-102, Published: 2023-06-27


The technique of simulating how a fire may spread and behave across a broad region often involves the use of computer simulation software. The simulation is based on a number of factors, including topography, fuel load, wind speed and direction, and weather conditions. The simulation's goals are to forecast the fire's probable spread, calculate the potential damage it might do, and provide guidance for decisions on suppression and evacuation operations. The quality of the input data and the presumptions used during the modeling process determine how accurate the simulation will be. In locations vulnerable to wildfires, simulation of large fire can be used to enhance risk assessment, mitigation measures, and emergency response preparation. To model the spread of a large fire, we utilized the MATLAB computer language. We then ran some statistical analysis on the data gathered from the simulation