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Curbing the Influence of Digital Video Games on Teenagers as a Panacea for Security Challenges (A Case Study of Northeast Nigeria)

Odesanya Akeem Dele, Volume 3 Issue 2, December 2022 Pages 20-30, Published: 2022-12-09


This paper examined the effects of digital video games among teenagers in Northeast Nigeria on security challenges in Northeast Nigeria on present security challenges as well as to proffer possible solution to the present security challenges posed by exposure to digital video games. The study formulated two research questions and one hypothesis. The population for the study comprises of 10 million teenagers in Northeastern Nigeria out of which four hundred and fifty (450) was purposefully selected randomly based on the Krejcie and Morgan Table. But the four hundred and thirty (430) questionnaires were retrieved and used for the study. The Arithmetic Mean was used to analyze and answer the research questions while Chi-Square technique was used to test the hypothesis formulated for the study. The result of the study revealed that teenagers’ exposure to digital video games in Northeast Nigeria have negative impacts and contributes immensely to the present security challenges in the region. The researcher recommended among many others that the teenagers and the young adults should be properly guided on the use of ICT gadgets and that adequate orientation should be given to them on the impacts of digital video games on the present security challenges