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Food Handling and Waste Management Practices among Food Vendors in Ijebu North Local Government, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria

Sherifat Tolulope Akindele & Jumoke Bukunola Bilesanmi–Awoderu, Volume 2 Issue 1, July 2021 Pages 1-10, Published: 2021-07-24


Food vendors with poor personal hygiene and a lack of waste management awareness may be possible infection sources. This study reports food handling and waste management practices among food vendors using a descriptive cross-sectional study with an observational administered questionnaire. A total of 228 food vendors were interviewed about their food handling and waste management practices. Data gathered was analyzed using descriptive statistical technique and percentages. The majority of the respondents were above age 41 (48.9%) while 30.4 and 20.7% were aged 26-40 and 18-25, respectively. Respondents from the different sampling locations disposed of their waste at different times daily, twice a week and weekly. While most vendors maintained good practices concerning waste disposal, many were not certified to handle food. The attitude, practice and knowledge of the food handlers were excellent and well above average. However, regular training and enlightenment would be required to enhance good hygiene practices