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A Decentralised Smart Fertigation and Irrigation System

Onwuasoanya, Nzube. C. & Eze, Blessing. E., Volume 3 Issue 1, July 2022 Pages 85-93, Published: 2022-07-21


The extreme climate conditions of recent times and the ever-increasing population pose a great risk to food production. To curb these unfavourable conditions, it is necessary to look for ways to improve the processes involved in food production. Efficient data collection and farm automation are those ways to achieve this. The system proposed here incorporates smart sensors and blockchain into farm fertigation and irrigation processes. Smart sensors sense changes in quantities such as soil moisture and leaf transmittance process these changes via an embedded microprocessor unit and trigger the system based on pre-defined parameters. The blockchain serves as a decentralised database to store sensor data immutably and help the farmer monitor farm resource inputs and make informed decisions that improve farm yield. The outcome of this project will be permission-less farm data that can be accessed by any farmer at any time without needing any authorization