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Digital Marketing and Customer Loyalty (A Study of Jumia Nigeria Ltd)

Ochuko, Amori Mary & Falilat, Olumola Becky, Volume 4 Issue 1, July 2023 Pages 171-176, Published: 2023-07-30


This study investigated the effect of digital marketing on customer loyalty (A study of Jumia Nigeria ltd). This study determined the dimensions of digital marketing using social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization on customer loyalty. The population of this study were customers of Jumia Nigeria, Ltd, in Ilaro Ogun State, however, since the total number of the customers living within that area is unascertained, Remish infinite population formula was used to determine a sample size of 269, hence, purposive probability sampling method was used to distribute the questionnaires. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive tables and percentile, while simple linear regression was used to test the hypotheses with the aid of SPSS. Findings of this study reviewed that social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization have significant effect on customer loyalty. The study concluded that digital marketing has significant effect on customer loyalty and recommended that Jumia should keep targeting their customers through the various online marketing channels such as social media platforms to complement the traditional marketing channels which are more expensive.