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Development of Technical Skills in Meeting the Challenges of Modern Automobiles in Nigeria

Olalekan O. Awolola & Joy Oluwabukola Olayiwola, Volume 2 Issue 2, December 2021 Pages 30-37, Published: 2021-12-21


This study investigated the level of preparedness of automobile mechanics/technicians for modern vehicles. These modern and advanced vehicles are mechatronics based, which combines the technology of both electronics and mechanical engineering. There is, therefore, the need to upgrade the training or retraining of these mechanics or technicians to meet up the challenges associated with these modern vehicles. In this study, mechanics in three South-West Nigerian cities namely, Abule-Egba (Lagos State), Ibadan (Oyo State) and Ilaro (Ogun State) were investigated. The method of investigation adopted includes visitation to the mechanic workshops, face-to-face interviews, and application of questionnaires. Fifty mechanic shops were considered within each location using a convenience sampling technique. Each shop is comprised of no fewer than ten personnel which include apprentices, journeymen, foremen and the boss. The result showed that only 18% of the mechanics in the study have heard or known how to use diagnostic equipment for troubleshooting modern vehicles. The study then proposed a model for re-educating, equipping and up-skilling this category of workers, to make them relevant and up to date in their field. It is presumed that technological institutions will be in the lead in this skill acquisition scheme which would be financed by either the government, corporate organizations or advanced countries that are willing to transfer technologies of their motor vehicle products