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Implications of Nigeria Federal Polytechnics (Amendment) Act of 2019: Roles and Challenges Ahead of Polytechnic Libraries towards Driving the New Act

Buhari Ganiyu Idowu1 & Olajide Adebayo Afolabi, Volume 2 Issue 2, December 2021 Pages 121-129, Published: 2021-12-21


The struggle for amendment of the old Polytechnic act decree 33 of 1979 has been on for some time. The need for the amendment centres on the need to improve the quality of teaching, remove some obnoxious parts of the old act and make Polytechnic education more attractive to prospective students, support the development of the nation and empower Polytechnics to offer bachelor’s degrees. The paper looks at the amendment and the place of the library as a major stakeholder in Polytechnic education on how it can contribute to the implementation of the act to achieve its goals. Certain new roles and challenges to be faced by libraries attached to Polytechnics are reviewed and presented with the mind of preparing the library managers and staff for the achievement of the objectives of the new act