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Critical Evaluation of Learning Duration and Students’ Performance in Secondary School Mathematics

Joseph Bamidele Odeyemi, Volume 2 Issue 1, July 2021 Pages 29-34, Published: 2021-07-24


This study examined the impact of learning duration on the students’ performance in secondary school mathematics within Offa community. A survey research approach was adopted. Sixty students were chosen from six secondary schools in Offa using purposive sampling. Mathematics students’ test score and questionnaire on the amounts of time spent on different learning activities in mathematics formed the basis of data generation for the study. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation, as well as regression analysis. R statistical package was employed to carry out the analyses. The results showed that the contribution of time spent to the student's test score is positive. It was concluded that increasing time spent on learning mathematics will partially lead to an increase in students’ test score. It was then recommended that student, teacher, and school should increase learning duration in mathematics