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A Case for Incorporation of Public Relation Techniques In The Curriculum for Training Secretaries

Oyindamola Ayobami Salami & Oluseyi Augustina Akah, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 123-127, Published: 2020-07-28


This study examined application of Public Relations as tools for enhancing secretarial practice in Ogun State. Public relation is a strategic communication between and among individuals within a society or organisation. It is a wide-ranging field that is sometimes misinterpreted due to poor message control in public relation. The population used for the study comprised of all employees from selected Institutions in Ogun State ICT Polytechnics: Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic, Itori, Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic, Igbesa and Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic, Saapade. One hundred and fifty (150) employees of the selected Institutions were proportionally stratified. Three research questions were raised, and some items were generated for the instrument used to collect information from respondents. All respondents filled and returned the administered copies of the questionnaire back to the researcher, where results were gathered for the study. Three Likert scale of rating (Agree, Disagree and Undecided) was used. Data collected was presented in table using percentage method. It was gathered that the secretary as a public relations officer is an ambassador who links her organization with the outside world and contributes greatly to the accomplishment of the organizational objectives. The secretarial work ranges from taking shorthand notes, transcribing verbatim on the typewriter, to handling all administrative duties of a large modern organization. It was recommended among others that Secretaries need to understand the public well and be willing to serve whole