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Multi-Dimensional National Policies' Effects on the Nigeria Polytechnic System

Olugbenga Babajide SOYEMI, Volume 3 Issue 2, December 2022 Pages 203-209, Published: 2022-12-28


The polytechnics were established to produce a high-level technical skilled workforce for the nation’s industrial development. But over the years, the polytechnic system in Nigeria has suffered neglect from funding to different forms of institutional assault because of national policies from various agencies of the Government. This research work considered some of these policies and their effects on the Polytechnic system in Nigeria, particularly on the students and general enrolment. Data was gotten from regulatory agencies and questionnaires were administered randomly to past and present students of the polytechnics. Statistical analysis was also employed to check the trend, and it was found that the damaging effect of these policies on the polytechnic system has led to a reduction in enrolment, discrimination against the system and her products and a large significant drop in high-level technical skill manpower for the nation. A model is also proposed to create a seamless transition in learning that makes progression meaningful and stops the trend and promotes competition among our scholars