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Acceptability of Bread Varieties made from Wheat, Corn and Yam Flours

Folalu, A.A and Okparavero, O.O, Volume 2 Issue 2, December 2021 Pages 170-177, Published: 2021-12-24


This study assessed the acceptability of varieties of bread produced using wheat, corn and yam flours. A total of 50 panellists were selected or the sensory evaluation of the products, and several techniques were adopted in producing the flours into bread. The result of sensory analysis revealed that for the different products, there was a substantial difference in the treatments measured. Wheat bread had the best taste, texture, colour, taste, and overall acceptance. The study revealed the benefit of wheat flours in the bread-making process. It is suggested that since wheat bread is widely accepted by taste panel, the government should encourage widespread wheat production in order to meet public demand and lower the high cost of wheat flour in the economy. Farmers should be well-equipped, and wheat farmers should be provided incentives such as agricultural implements and seeds to encourage them to grow wheat