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Stress Management and Employees’ Performance. (A Study Of Purechem Industries Limited)

Ochuko Amori Mary & Kamorudeen Adebajo Adeolu, Volume 3 Issue 2, December 2022 Pages 159-166, Published: 2022-12-20


This study determined the dimensions of stress management vis a vis (physical responses, psychological responses, and behavioral responses on employees’ performance). With the help of a designed and validated questionnaire, the study used a survey research design. The population of this study are employees of Purechem Industries Limited with a total population of 153 as of October 2022. Taro Yamane sampling formular was used in determining a sample size of 108. The acquired data were examined using a linear regression model and SPSS. The study's results showed a significant association between the characteristics of stress management and employees' performance, with a correlation value of (0.940, 0.815 and 0.940 respectively). The study concluded that employees' performance is significantly impacted by stress management. To have effective and efficient employee performance, it is advised that organizations make sure their work environment (physical, psychological, and behavioral) accommodates employees and has regulations that ensure flexibility in the workplace