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Charlotte B. Iro-Idoro & I. B. Jimoh
Micromanagement and Job Performance of Employee in Manufacturing Industry in Ogun State, Nigeria

This paper considered micromanagement and Job Performance of Employees in the manufacturing industry in Ogun State, Nigeria. Micromanagement was consi....

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Nurudeen Alabi & Oluwatobi Ogunnusi
Modelling Nigeria’s Domestic Output from select Macroeconomic Variables using Variable Coefficient Functions

This research dwelt on the application of variable coefficient models on Nigeria Domestic Output (proxy by GDP) taking exchange and inflation rate as ....

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Fatimah Abdussalam & Azeez Adeniji
Comparative Effects of Selected Botanicals as Substitute for Synthetic Insecticide in Controlling Maize Weevils (Sitophilus Zeamais) in Stored Maize Grain

A study was conducted to compare the efficacy of the powder of Aframomum melegueta, Cymbopogon citrates, Moringa oleifera and Actellic Dust Insecticid....

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Kadir Mumini & Kadiri Hassan
Determinants of SMEs Survival Amidst COVID- 19 Pandemic in Ilorin, Kwara State. Nigeria

The coronavirus pandemic which has ravaged the entire world has negatively affected Nigerian economy. As a result of the impacts of the pandemic, the ....

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Olalekan O. Awolola & Joy Oluwabukola Olayiwola
Development of Technical Skills in Meeting the Challenges of Modern Automobiles in Nigeria

This study investigated the level of preparedness of automobile mechanics/technicians for modern vehicles. These modern and advanced vehicles are mech....

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Olufunmilayo Adedayo Thomas-Kuye & Adegboyega Olaniyi Adeyemi
Mass Media and People’s Opinion: A Review of Endsars Protest in Nigeria

The study is based on the EndSARs protest as a case study to investigate the influence of mass media on shaping people's opinions. The survey research....

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Kehinde Banjo Aladelusi & Najeem Ayodeji Isiaka
Fiscal Policy and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: ARDL Approach

The ebbing state of fiscal policy and unwarranted poverty situation in the developing countries has continued to generate strong debates in the litera....

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Odesanya Akeem Dele
Assessment of the Extent of Utilization of ICT for Commercial Purpose by Nigerian Women in Purdah

The emphasis of this paper is to assess the degree of utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for commercial purposes by Nigeria....

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Peter Buoye & Oluwafunke Bada
Analysis of the Effect of Computer Based Examination Introduced by Jamb

Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) introduced partial Computer Based Examination (CBE) to conduct its exams in 2013 and 2014, in 2015, there w....

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Peter Adeyemi, Sosanya & Evelyn Ufuoma, Adebisi
Investigating the Level and Health Risk of Polycycic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS) in Fish (Scomber Scombrus) from South-West Nigeria

As food supply essential nutrient to the body, it can also cause problem to the body system. This study evaluates the level and health risk associated....

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Maria Kisugu Obun-Andy & Tolulope Abayomi Aluko
Portrayal of Electronic Transmission of Election Results in Selected Media Outlets in Nigeria

This study examined the portrayal of electronic transmission of Election results in selected media outlets in Nigeria to determine the extent of atten....

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Adeosun, B.O & Adebisi, K.A
Impact of Selected Packaging Materials on Microbial Assessment and Functional Properties of Cassava Flakes (Gari) During Storage

Gari was wrapped in a hessian jute bag, a woven polyethylene bag, a plastic container, and a high-density polyethylene bag after it was freshly produc....

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Akinrinde Ibukunoluwa and Adebisi Kehinde
Quality And Sensory Attributes of Microwave Treated Flour of Composite Bambara Bread

Effect of microwave heat treatment was investigated on the proximate and sensory quality of wheat-bambara bread. The Wheat flour (WF) and microwave ba....

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Blessing Adedokun-Awojodu & Oluyemisi Adebola Oladejo
Emancipating the African Female without a Fuss in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, Everyday Use: for your Grandmama and in Search of our Mother’s Garden

The African woman, feminist or not, at home or in the diaspora, has always strived to identify with the African social order–a legacy of submission ....

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Oluwaseun Okparavero, Temitope Coker & Olamilekan Akinlade
Reducing Air Pollution: A Risk Factor in Covid-19 Infection using Ornamental Plant as Phytoremediation

Coronaviruses are a small-sized group of viruses that have single-strand ribonucleic acid (RNA). They comprise four sub-families: Alphacoronaviruses, ....

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Buhari Ganiyu Idowu1 & Olajide Adebayo Afolabi
Implications of Nigeria Federal Polytechnics (Amendment) Act of 2019: Roles and Challenges Ahead of Polytechnic Libraries towards Driving the New Act

The struggle for amendment of the old Polytechnic act decree 33 of 1979 has been on for some time. The need for the amendment centres on the need to i....

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Joseph Bamidele Odeyemi
Entrepreneurship Education for Statistics Students on Establishment of Small-Scale Enterprises

In Nigeria, excess labor is common everywhere which results in complete unemployment of some polytechnic graduates. This is the reason for entrepreneu....

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Foluke Rachael, Oduwole & Chukwudumebi C, Ajao
Management of Listed Consumer Goods companies in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis

The study examines the effect of audit tenure, auditor type (Big 4) on the earnings management of Nigerian companies with particular reference to the ....

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Foluso Faparusi & Adekanmi Adewole
Phytochemical Constituents and Antibacterial Activities of Jatropha curcas and Jatropha gossypiifolia Leaves

Medicinal plants play key role in wellbeing of people across several countries, most especially in unindustrialized countries; many of these plants ar....

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Idowu Olubunmi & Elizabeth Mohammed
The Relationship Between Language and the Bible: Discourse Approach

Language is a means of communication between people. Human beings interact by talking to one another through language and this is equally portrayed in....

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Jessey Ilama Obunge
Gender Difference and Problem-Solving Abilities in Mathematics among Senior Secondary School Students

The study examined gender difference and Problem-Solving abilities in mathematics among senior secondary school students in Port-Harcourt local govern....

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Folalu, A.A and Okparavero, O.O
Acceptability of Bread Varieties made from Wheat, Corn and Yam Flours

This study assessed the acceptability of varieties of bread produced using wheat, corn and yam flours. A total of 50 panellists were selected or the s....

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