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Assessing the Conurbation Effects of Lagos Megacity on the Parking Facilities, Sango Ota Tollgate, Ogun State

Sodiya, Olurotimi Oluyemi, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 116-122, Published: 2020-07-28


Lagos megacity is extending across Ogun State boundaries. The Lagos-Abeokuta expressway is a significant link between Lagos State and Ogun State, and the Sango Ota tollgate has witnessed a very high level of socio-economic activities. Problems ranging from traffic bottleneck to parking problems of various dimensions are identified in the study area. Hence, the assessment of the conurbation effects of Lagos megacity on the parking facilities was carried out. Three days out of the seven days in a week were selected for traffic count, and a total of 33,321 vehicles were counted in location A, and a total of 34,076 vehicles were counted in location B for the three days. On- the-spot evaluation was carried out while a traffic survey was equally carried out. The traffic survey outcome revealed that car has the highest percentage of vehicle plying the road with a daily average number of 4476 in location A, and 4526 daily average number in location B, representing 40% of the total number of vehicles in each location. On parking, illegal parking of vehicle was carried out on the paved surface of the road, which limits traffic flow. A total of 3278 vehicles are parked illegally in location A, with mini-bus having the highest of 1846, representing 56% of the total number of vehicles parked, while a total of 3292 vehicles are parked in location B, with mini-bus having 2001, representing 61% of the total number of vehicles parked. The situation at the tollgate is a manifestation of poor Megacity Planning, and recommendations made include the preparation and implementation of a Motor Park Layout/Design, with a collaboration of the Lagos State and Ogun State government