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Determination of Mineral Elements, Vitamins, and Anti-nutrient Properties of Biscuits Produced from Sweet Potato, Wheat and Cashew nut Flour

Kikelomo Alaba & Olawale Ogunyemi, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 213-220, Published: 2024-07-03


The nutritional qualities of biscuits made with a composite flour made of wheat, sweet potatoes, and cashew nuts were assessed in the study. Different ratios were used to make and combine the flour. The individual samples' vitamin, mineral, and ant nutrient contents measured at some ranges significantly differ (P- >0.05). Mineral concentrations of the samples' varied widely in terms of iron, calcium, and zinc levels. However, sample C had the highest concentrations of zinc, calcium, and iron. The anti-nutrient content of the samples revealed that sample C included the most Tannin, Oxalate, and Phytate, whereas sample A had the lowest anti-nutrient probe result. The trace levels of anti-nutrients discovered in the examined biscuit samples, however, are within the acceptable range for ingestion by humans. The study comes to the conclusion that biscuits prepared from flour mixes of potatoes, wheat, and cashew nuts help prevent malnutrition by meeting the nutritional needs of both adults and children. Wheat flour may benefit from the addition of cashew and potato flour to increase nutritious content. The study recommends more investigation into the biscuit samples' microbial loads