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Development of a Mobile Application for Marketing Agricultural Farm Products

Mutiu Ganiyu, Ojonukpe Sylvester Egwuche & Chinedu Joseph George, Volume 4 Issue 1, July 2023 Pages 13-21, Published: 2023-06-10


The procedure of marketing agricultural products has not been easy or in favour of the farmers especially those that are not close to the urban centres. However, smart farming and precision agriculture are adopting technology in promoting food security. In this study, an Android app to market agricultural products is developed in Android studio using JAVA programming language, Extensive Mark-up Language and MYSQL as a database. The app allows buyers to select the products of their choice and proceed to purchase using the available payment methods. The presented Android mobile application that markets agricultural products is significant, as it will aid the dissemination of information on the availability of farm products effortlessly from the users' comfort zone. This is an important research issue because of the strategic significance of mobile applications and their promising impacts on business promotion