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Survey of Factors Affecting Engagement of Female Students in Science and Technology-Related Courses – A Case Study of The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

Blessing Ebere Eze & Adamu Dahiru, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 56-61, Published: 2020-07-27


One hundred randomly selected Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro female students currently enrolled in the National Diploma courses were used in a descriptive approach to survey the factors affecting engagement of female students in science-technology related courses in the polytechnic. A structured questionnaire, having reliability coefficient (Cronbach alpha) of 0.805 was administered to elicit the opinions of the selected students (respondents) on the factors influencing the engagement of the female students in the science technology-related fields of study in the polytechnic. Research data were subjected to descriptive statistical analysis and subsequently, Relative Importance Indexes (RII) were calculated to ascertain the order of importance of the discouraging and the inspiring factors. Results showed that difficulty and too much academic workload and Lack of interest/background knowledge were the most constraint factors in deciding to engage in science and technology-related courses, whereas physical disability was the least important challenge. On the other hand, self-confidence and the influence of counselors/mentor-student relationship motivated their desire to enroll in science and technology-related courses. They were the least inspired by family and friends influence, job prospect and Government support. It is recommended, therefore that the teaching of science and technology subjects in secondary schools should be improved such that it may arouse the interest students. Role models in accomplished female scientists, and engineering, medical, and other science and technology-related professions give career talks regularly in secondary schools as part of the Guidance and Counseling Unit activities. Excursions to specific workplaces where the role models are in action can be added