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Usability Analysis for An Android Based Application

John Alawode & James Adegboye, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 84-89, Published: 2020-07-28


The Android-based application tagged as “FPI-STUDENTS APP” was developed to support students of The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro to calculate their GPA/CGPA, set-up lectures timetable reminder and get familiar with the school’s rules and regulations. As an Android-based application developed to support students, its’ Usability has to be tested, to determine how easy the interface is, the percentage of the application’s usefulness and to know the aspect of the application to re-design. The objective of this research is to determine the result of usability testing for the application based on three characteristics: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Satisfaction. Primary data used were collected from 15 respondents/users that were involved in the testing of the application on phones. Effectiveness and Efficiency were calculated from some tasks/activities given to respondents/users, and Satisfaction was derived from questionnaires that were answered. The result shows that Effectiveness and Satisfaction analysis delivered 86.67% and 85.83% respectively, while the result of Efficiency was 79.56%. The average results of Efficiency, Effectiveness and Satisfaction resulted in overall Usability of the application, which is 84.02%. This implies that 84.02% of respondents/users found the application to be useful effectively, efficiently and satisfied with the applications’ functionality. We can, therefore, conclude, based on the usability analysis that, the percentage of the applications’ usefulness is 84.02%, and easiness of the interface recorded the same percentage while the aspect of the application to be re-designed is 15.98%