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Quality Assurance from Accountability and Infrastructure Perspectives: The Case of Four Ghanaian Technical Universities

Maame Afua Nkrumah PhD & Esther Gyamfi, Volume 3 Issue 2, December 2022 Pages 116-124, Published: 2022-12-16


For various reasons, quality assurance has become one of the central constituents of higher education. This article accordingly looks at the current state of quality assurance in Ghanaian Technical Universities (TUs) with a focus on accountability and infrastructure. The study design was the concurrent mixed method by means of a semi-structured interview. The quantitative part was analysed using SPSS while thematic analysis was used to analyse the qualitative part. The key findings of the study were that there were issues with both internal and external quality assurance in the following respects – trust in external reviewers, support from stakeholders, office space for QA activities, infrastructure for teaching and learning, and experts in quality assurance. Improvement in awareness creation, infrastructure and human and material resources are recommended.