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Gender Mainstreaming in Stem and Admission Policy of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Iro-Idoro, Charlotte Bose & Jimoh, Tajudeen Adisa, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 47-55, Published: 2020-07-27


The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines and professions to national development makes majority of countries worldwide to consider STEM education a top priority for both males and females’ learners. However, gender differences in enrolment in STEM careers show a wide gap and disparity with females being underrepresented. This study, therefore, aims to empirically evaluate how gender mainstreaming in the admission policy and processes of higher educational institutions could be instituted as a policy measure towards bridging the gender gap in STEM disciplines in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. In carrying out the study, two research hypotheses were formulated. The population of the study comprised educators in STEM disciplines of higher institutions in Ogun State, Nigeria. Multi-stage and proportionate sampling techniques were employed to select 144 STEM educators from three selected tertiary institutions (Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye; Federal College of Education Osiele, Abeokuta and The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro). The study employed Probit Regression (and Average Marginal Effects) to analyze the data obtained through well-structured questionnaire administered among the participants (STEM educators). The findings revealed that an increase in efforts to adjust entry cut-off marks and quota requirements in favour of female students in tertiary institutions are more likely to reduce or close the gender gap in STEM disciplines by 1% and 4%, respectively. The study affirms that adjusting entry cut-off mark and quota reservation system in favour of female students guarantees greater participation of female students in STEM disciplines in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions