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Competitive Intelligence and Users’ Patronage Promotion in Polytechnic Libraries: A Review

Adegbite-Badmus Tawakalit A, Volume 1 Issue 1, July 2020 Pages 206-216, Published: 2020-07-31


This paper reviewed competitive intelligence and users’ patronage in Polytechnic libraries. Libraries in polytechnics are affected by invasive and unsettled innovative creams of tools which affect clientele needs, and other similar information specialists with the provision of the same services as the library. The challenges of polytechnic libraries could be seen in the inadequate funding and assistance from the controlling body which eventually reduce the number of users. The users therefore have to be responded to in solving quickly any impediment to retain their patronage of the library and its resources. Personnel in polytechnic libraries have to re-strategies in order to meet the later days needs by understanding the forms or shapes of their market rivals and how they attract more customers for their business. This discourse looked at the application of practical competitive intelligence values with approaches in promoting users’ patronage in polytechnic libraries. This paper also highlights possible challenges and solution to encourage users to plug into using hard and soft copies of intellectual properties in libraries in the polytechnic in Nigeria. The work concluded by asserting that, it is necessary for the polytechnic libraries to harness the aggressive business advantage to put in place the promotional activities in ensuring the growth and development of polytechnic libraries and users ’patronage promotions