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The Quality of Student Performance in Technical Education: A Gendered Perspective

Maame Afua Nkrumah, Silverius Kwasi Bruku & Kojo Ennin Oppan, Volume 2 Issue 1, July 2021 Pages 35-45, Published: 2021-07-24


The quality of student performance is influenced by many factors including student gender and the department in which they study. This article looked at the effect of gender on performance in technical education. One Ghanaian Technical University (GTU) was used as the case study. Dataset of 10,460 students from 33 departments was explored using multilevel modelling. Student gender proved unimportant in predicting the student performance; although its effect on specific outcomes was generally positive (females). The intra-department correlation statistics were between 7% and 18%; indicating differences in departmental effectiveness with respect to student performance. The implementation of local and international policies, regulation and guidelines are recommended for gender equality in technical education