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Personal Selling and Service Delivery in First Bank Plc, Ewekoro, Ogun State

Fortune Ugochukwu ABIAZIEM1 & Boniface Kelechi NWOGU2, Volume 4 Issue 2, December 2023 Pages 76-85, Published: 2023-12-18


The study looked into how personal selling affected the provision of services. Finding out how First Bank Nigeria Plc, Ewekoro, Ogun State, provides services in terms of trust, communication, integrity, and learning skills is the main objective of the study. The study used a descriptive research design because it allowed for accurate concept and variable evaluation as well as in-depth analysis. The population under investigation consists of every customer of First Bank Nigeria at the Ewekoro branch. The Cochran formula was used to determine the sample size. A structured questionnaire was employed in the study to collect data from the participants. The findings demonstrated that using personal selling as a marketing strategy is the only way for a business to boost sales volume and enhance customer retention. According to the study, companies should have a competent sales staff and marketing managers, with a focus on interacting, communicating, and developing relationships with both present and potential customers