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Technical and Vocational Education and Training: A Panacea for Unemployment and Poverty Reduction Among Nigerian Youths

Onigbara, Vincent Bamidele & Evavoawe, Franklin Oghenevo, Volume 3 Issue 1, July 2022 Pages 138-146, Published: 2022-07-21


A major problem facing the Nigerian youths today is unemployment and poverty. This study reviews existing literature on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), as a means of proffering solution to the unemployment and poverty problems in Nigeria by generating employment opportunities and imparting the right skills. Findings show that TVET has direct linkages with unemployment and poverty reduction, which are general education and occupational training. The chances of people getting employment and living a better life can be achieved via general education and TVET skill training for work. However, these chances are higher with TVET skill training because it provides vocational skills, facilitates the transition from school to work, and leads to a higher labour market value when compared to general or academic training. The focus of most international organizations is to develop people’s skills for employment generation and poverty reduction. Poverty and unemployment have been greatly reduced in several developing countries as a result of skills development. To boost the performance and competence of Nigerian youths in the world market, the study recommends youths’ preferences for vocational activities, adequate funding of TVET programmes, modern training equipment to TVET Institutions, commitment of relevant stakeholders to youth empowerment and motivation to boost their interest in technical and vocational activities