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Proximate Composition, Amino Acid Profile and Vitamin C Contents of Different Date Jam Blends

Omotayo Alokun-Adesanya and Kehinde Adebisi, Volume 1 Issue 2, December 2020 Pages 1-7, Published: 2020-12-24


The proximate composition, amino acid and vitamin C determination of jam produced from date fruits enriched with apple and orange fruits at different proportions were investigated. Three different blends of jam coded as AA, BB and CC were produced with strawberry jam as control (SS) purchased from a reputable store. The proximate compositions show significant difference with moisture content of 25.27-27.52 respectively and high considerable amount of carbohydrate and energy. The control has the lowest Vitamin C while CC has the highest value 9.82-11.23 respectively. The amino acid profile and vitamin C show significant difference which is attributed to mixed of fruits and bringing to boil technic done for the jam