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Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Soap Produced from Momordica Charantia Seed Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

Evelyn Ufuoma, Adebisi & Peter Adeyemi, Sosanya , Volume 1 Issue 2, December 2020 Pages 78-85, Published: 2020-12-24


Soap from Momordica charantia seed oil and palm kernel oil were produced and assayed to justify the utilization of M. charantia oil for soap production. The saponification and acid values of both oils were determined to know the number of KOH/g required to saponify and neutralize fatty acids. The M. charantia and palm kernel oils were blended in proportions of 70 g to produce different soap formulations. The saponification and acid values of the two oils were of 226.36 and 283.3 mgKOH/g and 18.5 and 7.35 mgKOH/g, respectively for M. charantia and palm kernel. Chemical analyses of the soaps showed a pH range of 9.07 – 9.56 with the foam abilities ranging between 2.32 – 6.75, total alkali content 1.57 – 3.10 and total fatty matter range of 76 – 88%. The soap with the least blend of M. charantia oil was next to that from palm kernel oil in cleansing capacity. Minimum inhibition value was observed in Staphylococcus aureus. Bacillus subtillis shows the highest antibacterial inhibitory value of 8.69±0.33 mm. Antibacterial sensitivity has the highest inhibition value compare to antifungal. Base on the finding, it shows that M. charantia oil incorporated with palm kernel oil can be utilized for soap production and other cosmetics preparation