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Tie and Dye Craft as a Means of Combating Unemployment among Female Youths: A Study of Abeokuta Artisans

Seyi-Gbangbayau, Paul & Ajayi, Olayemi, Volume 1 Issue 2, December 2020 Pages 68-77, Published: 2020-12-24


In a country where the rate of unemployment is fast rising, giving room for jobless men who are liable to become hoodlums, drug addict, among others, the resultant effects tend to inflict danger more on the female gender since she is poorly encouraged for education; hence, becoming vulnerable to dissimilar molestations and other forms of abuse. Consequently, there is an immediate need to put into motion, feasible mechanisms that would reduce or scrap the fast-rising unemployment and its severe effects on the female gender. This study explains the importance of tie & dye craft as a means of empowerment for the female gender; and it also explicitly analyzes the step-by-step procedures involved in its production. As a means of unraveling the viability of tie & dye, a brief biographical study of Nike Davies-Okundaye, a female icon in the trade of tie and dye production is presented. The methodology used in this research includes literature reviews, one-on-one interviews and use of a biography. The study concludes that the practice of tie & dye is feasible enough to reduce or totally eradicate the incessant rate of unemployment among the female gender, if embraced. This research recommends that both governments and nongovernmental organizations should create opportunities to encourage the development of tie & die as a foremost craft among the female gender in Southwestern Nigeria; especially in Abeokuta which is the capital city of Ogun State.