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Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability of Public-Private Partnerships Housing in Ogun State: Users’ Satisfaction

Abiodun Sunday OGUNTIMEHIN & Olufunke Olanrewaju OMODELE , Volume 4 Issue 1, July 2023 Pages 177-189, Published: 2023-07-30


The provision of sufficient housing remains a significant obstacle in numerous developing nations, particularly those where the population and urbanization levels are continually increasing. The pace at which the urban population is increasing indicates a higher demand for additional housing that surpasses the current supply of housing. This, in turn, results in the expansion of unplanned and unregulated settlements that are not officially recognized. The government of Ogun State has made efforts to address the shortage of housing in urban areas by utilizing a variety of housing strategies, such as public-private partnerships (PPPs), through several of its housing agencies. Thus, the PPP housing strategy was examined in this research work to evaluate environmental sustainability and the extent to which dwellers of such buildings are satisfied. The quantitative research method was used to approach the study using a survey. Data was gathered from residents of housing constructed through PPP by administering a structured questionnaire. Descriptive and inferential analyses were used to analyze the data. The research work concludes that PPP housing projects delivered in the study area are sustainable environmentally and dwellers express a high level of satisfaction. This implies that despite challenges that may be experienced in the course of housing delivered through PPP, the method can be viewed to be one of the best methods. Thus, governments are encouraged to use the PPP approach for housing delivery