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Social Media as a Tool for Tourism Marketing: The Case of The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro Ogun State

Abdul-Azeez Dawodu & Abisola Sokale, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 86-93, Published: 2024-06-08


The paper analysed the significance of social media in influencing and advertising tourism products and services. A study was carried out to collect data from participants in Ilaro in order to evaluate their impression of the correlation between social media and tourism. The study utilised a descriptive research approach, where a sample size of 100 respondents was randomly recruited within Ilaro. The research encompassed both the staff and students of the federal polytechnic Ilaro, as well as other pertinent stakeholders within the institution. The study utilised both secondary and primary sources of data collecting, including journals, textbooks, and the internet as secondary sources, and questionnaires as the primary source. The acquired data was examined using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. The findings illustrated that social media functions as a potent instrument for promoting tourism, since even a minor favourable comment and endorsement can have a substantial impact on company results, irrespective of the quality of service offered at a specific location. The survey also found that social media allows businesses to directly interact with their intended audience through several platforms such as websites, email, text messaging, and forums, frequently without significant advertising costs. In conclusion, the study suggests that tourism institutions should effectively utilise the power of social media to promote their tourism offerings.