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Promoting Skill Acquisition Among Over Certificated, Unemployed, Underemployed and Uneducated Nigerian Young People

Olugbenga Babajide SOYEMI, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 221-230, Published: 2024-07-03


The issue of over-certification, unemployment, underemployment, and a lack of formal education among Nigerian youth, who account for more than 70% of the population, presents a serious barrier to the country's socioeconomic growth. This paper investigates the significance of promoting skill acquisition and apprenticeship as effective strategies for addressing these interconnected challenges, providing a path for young Nigerians to gain relevant competencies, work experience, and self-reliance in the face of limited employment and educational opportunities. 556 young individuals were questioned using a questionnaire. 83.6% of respondents have several academic credentials but lack the practical skills and abilities required in the work market. Similarly, ignorant and undereducated youngsters aspired to receive formal education, yet the majority of them are skilled and gainfully employed. In light of this, the study highlights the value of skill development and apprenticeship programmes in offering over-qualified, jobless, underemployed, and illiterate Nigerian youth other routes to work and economic emancipation. Through these programmes, young people may enhance their employment chances and build marketable skills and job experience. They also provide mentorship and work-based learning opportunities.