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Nutritional Composition and Acceptability of Three Varieties of Processed Cow Skin

Oluseeke Afuye & Olawale Ogunyemi, Volume 3 Issue 1, July 2022 Pages 77-84, Published: 2022-07-21


of the samples were determined. The data collected were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed there is a significant difference in the taste, flavour, appearance, texture, colour and overall acceptability of the samples. Proximate composition revealed that there are variations in the moisture contents of the cow skin samples. The brown cowhide has the highest moisture content while dried cowhide has the lowest, this may be due to the processing method. The brown cowhide has the lowest mineral ash and crude protein contents while dried cowhide had the highest fat content, highest protein value, highest carbohydrate content and the only sample with crude fibre content. The study concludes that the varieties of cow skin were generally accepted, and the dried cow skin has a great taste. Hence, dried cow skin should be used by food practitioners in cooking dishes apart from smoked cow skin and white cow skin