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Comparative Analysis and Acceptability of Porridge Prepared with Varieties of Tubers (White Yam, Cocoyam, Sweet Potato, Bitter Yam, and Water Yam)

Folalu, A.A & Okparavero, O.O., Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 40-48, Published: 2024-04-24


This study assessed the comparative analysis and acceptability of porridge prepared with varieties of tubers of yam, sweet potato, cocoyam, water yam and bitter yam. The objective is to assess the comparative and acceptability of porridge made from varieties of tubers. The data for this study was collected using sensory sheet and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential tools, including one-way ANOVA (CRD) with SPSS 20. In the sensory analysis, all values showed no significant differences across parameters (P> 0.05). Porridge produced with sample (A) recorded high value in general acceptability (8.08±1.214), appearance (7.98±0.948), and texture (7.92±1.183) followed by sample E (bitter yam) with the mean of (7.98±1.378) in overall acceptability compared to other samples in this research. In conclusion this study indicates that sample of porridge produced from sample A had the highest value in overall acceptability, appearance and texture to sample B,C,D,E respectively, thereby increasing the chance of using sample A (yam) in porridge production for human consumption having possessing high sensory attributes. It is therefore concluded that the use of yam for porridge should be encouraged for better quality dishes as it possesses high attributes in terms of nutritional value and it should be encouraged for sale in any food service operation. Therefore, it is recommended that farmers should increase the production of yam making it more available for more production and for the consumption of the masses. There should be provision of processing equipment to farmers in order to aid more production and availability of tubers for consumption to the public.