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Awareness of Farmers on Effect of Aflatoxins on Poultry Birds

Phebe Okusanya., Olamilekan Akinlade, O. O., Olusola Leramo & Raimot Lawal, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 239-248, Published: 2024-07-03


The effects of mycotoxin especially aflatoxin in poultry production is enormous. Aflatoxin increase the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, reduces immunity and growth rate with highest carcinogenic potential. When chickens are fed feed contaminated with this toxic fungi, it results into reduced egg production, weight loss and low return for farmers. This study investigates the awareness of poultry farmers about aflatoxin contamination in poultry birds in Ogun State. One hundred and twenty-five poultry farmers were interviewed using a well-structured questionnaire which contains questions ranging from the farmer’s socioeconomic characteristics to their awareness of aflatoxins contamination in poultry feed. The data obtained were subjected to descriptive analysis. Results indicate that 31.20% of respondents have poultry flocks ranging from 100 to 500 birds. Dominant species include layers (52%), and broilers (24%). Feed sourcing is diverse, with 43.2% obtaining feed from retail shops and 39.2% from commercial mills. 56.8 % of the respondents claimed that they know about aflatoxin contamination, while 43.2% lack awareness. This study concluded that there is a need for targeted education on aflatoxin risks, emphasizing the role of training programs and extension services in improving awareness and addressing knowledge gaps in poultry farming practices