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Optimizing Waste Disposal and Collection in Densely Populated Areas Using Embedded System and Android Application

Engr. Olawale Ogunyinka, MNSE & Margaret Abimbola Ogunyinka, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 129-138, Published: 2024-06-08


Densely populated areas are the most affected with respect to unorthodox waste disposal practices. The topography of these areas and the lack of proper town planning of building construction makes the terrain difficult to access for waste managers and also provides a lot of dark spots for indiscriminate dumping of wastes. In order to optimize the waste disposal system of these areas, this research uses embedded system and android application, to design and develop a community waste bin that uses sensors, GPS and Wi-Fi communication techniques. In addition to a waste disposal and bin location application was developed using android application. The developed bins would serve as waste aggregation points within densely populated areas while the android application named “Trash Smart” will work to request for waste disposal, locate and navigate to the closest bin using GPS application. The bins would be strategically placed in areas that can be easily accessed by waste manages for collection. In addition, the duo of the bin and app allows waste managers to monitor the bins to know when they are filled and to properly plan their routes for waste evacuation. The adoption of embedded system and android application in waste management will optimize the disposal process of densely populated areas by providing and hygienic and environmentally friendly means of disposal and evacuating waste. Furthermore, the application of these technologies will optimize the operation of waste managers for better efficacy, reduced operational cost and have reliable data expansion of their operations