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Multinational Companies and Tax Evasion in Nigeria: The Linkages

Oluwatobiloba Oreoluwa, Durowaiye & Aderibigbe Idowu, Sadiq , Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 104-112, Published: 2024-06-08


The study explores the complex relationship between multinational companies operating in Nigeria and the issue of tax evasion. It delves into the overview of multinational companies in the country, the tax policies and regulations, the strategies used by these companies to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, and the significant impact this has on the Nigerian economy. A survey research design was adopted using primary data. Sixty-nine members of staff of FIRS, Ikeja, Lagos constitute the population of the study. The study employed a random sampling technique to provide a representative sample of the entire population. Multinomial logistic regression analysis and the Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) were used to analyze the data gathered. The results of the multinomial logistic regression analysis provide insight into the intricate dynamics underlying tax evasion by multinational companies in Nigeria. The study provides valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of tax evasion by multinational companies in Nigeria. Addressing this complex issue requires a holistic approach that considers the nature, causes, professional roles, and recommended solutions. Policymakers, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders can leverage these insights to develop targeted interventions and policies aimed at curbing tax evasion and fostering a more transparent and responsible tax environment for multinational companies in Nigeria