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Programmable Logic Controller Based Electric Oven Temperature Remote Monitoring and Control

Ahmed Danasabe Suleiman & Ibrahim Garba Abdulhamid, Volume 5 Issue 1, July 2024 Pages 76-85, Published: 2024-05-23


The design and construction of an electric oven employing a PLC controller are presented in this study. With the help of a switch, the user can choose a process to be carried out with pre-programmed temperature and timing, or they can choose a desired temperature and timing. The system reacts by automatically turning on and off the load (heating element) based on the temperature differential and the predetermined time which is attributed to the PLC controller. When the oven temperature falls below the predetermined level, the Heating Element is activated, and when the oven temperature rises over the predetermined level, the heater is turned off. The system has a WiFi module for a remote temperature data logger that records temperature changes and may be used to remotely set or adjust the desired temperature. When the switch for any desired process is pressed, the PLC Controller turns on, processes the data in accordance with the temperature and time that have been preset, and turns off when the timed is up. The temperature controller simultaneously flips on the heating element when the thermocouple detects the temperature in the oven and transmits the signal or variable to it. The PLC was powered by 24 VDC, while the data logger used a 12 VDC power supply. Due to the heating element's large wattage, a 220VAC supply was used to power it. The system's construction and design outcomes complied with the design brief